Aug 31


Friendship Poems Comments Off on You

I see you as the light under the door
A little piece of what I’ve never seen before
I’m one more step away
All I have to do is reach and turn

I hear you as a single note ringing in my ear
Sung beautifully as it drifts through the air
I’m a harsh whisper
I’m far away from where I want to be

I know you as the quiet girl
A beautiful representation of what silence can be
All I have to do is listen
But then again, my ears are never what they used to be

Aug 30

Why i feel this way.

Friendship Poems Comments Off on Why i feel this way.

I see people in relationships
I see people in love
But that’s not me
I am the one in the back
The one with out anything

I’m the one everyone thinks of a friend
I’m the one people ignore
I’m just the average girl
I feel like in always alone
I feel like no one care
I fee like no one know me
I feel like I’m the only girl

with out friends to love me
I see everyone in relationship
I see everyone in love
I see someone that is too
But know one know who
that person is because that
person no one gets to know
I’m the one everyone thinks that
has no feeling and loves no one.

I’m the one everyone see as a average person
But I’m not just an average person
I’m a person like everyone else.

I’m not preppy
I’m not goth.
I’m not like my sister.
I’m not like my parents
I’m just my own self.
I want to be treated
Like I’m a regular
Person but i know
That, that will never happen.

And if you want me
To feel this way
Then keep treating
Me the way you want
And you will see what
Happens to be when
I get older and have kids.

I don’t care if you
Don’t want to be my
Friend but just act
Like you want to be mine

Aug 29

The Story’s End

Friendship Poems Comments Off on The Story’s End

Do you Know the girl
Who walks alone?
The girl so sad she’s practically dead.
Do you know the girl dying for someone
To mend her broken heart?
While you walk past her snickering
You don’t know it’s going to be a bloody night.
And when you walk past her she’s left in the dark
And thats when she realizes no one ever cared
So tonight she’ll end her suffering
And thats where the story ends.
Just because you couldn’t save her
Doesn’t mean you cant save another.
Reach out a hand to someone who needs it
Because all she needed was a friend.
To look past her dieing look
And see someone just like you.

Aug 29

The word

Funny Poems Comments Off on The word

I’m packing my jeans and my underwear too;
I’ve found a ship bound for the sea
For if my mom and dad read what I wrote on the wall
It’s going to be curtains for me
It is a word
It seemed harmless at first
It has only four letters in all, I did it in pencil
It’s not very dark; it’s so nice and neat
And really quite small
But best to be safe,
I’d better be off to sail to those far distant lands
For my one little word
It’s the kind of word that will grow hair in the palms of your hands
So it’s me to the window and down to the yard
And away I go over the hill
Of course I could just turn my pencil around and erase it
All right then I Will!!

Aug 29


Funny Poems Comments Off on MARTY’S ADVENTURE

An Irish pub, the place to be,
For a couple drinks just you and me,

Oh please! One more round oh kind sir,
A little more I’ll be drunk for sure,

Later my head begins to spin,
With thoughts of puking, where’s the trash bin,

I remain to gander a line,
At that fine honey, man she is fine,

She wasn’t refusing my charm,
I told her that I meant her no harm,

Looking so good I couldn’t preach,
I bought her a drink, sex on the beach,

One drink brought two, two became three,
Hormones were flying high, we were free,

Left the bar in quite a hurry,
Got in the car no need to worry,

Took her back to my pimpin pad,
Woke up late, believe me it was bad,

Don’t go out to drink and party,
You may wake up with a guy named Marty!

Aug 28

The Most Meaningful Burden to Bear

Friendship Poems Comments Off on The Most Meaningful Burden to Bear

The most meaningful burden of all to bear
is, without a doubt, the burden to care.

To care takes immense bravery, strength, and pride
and often one must dig deep down inside.

The self is an endless sea of potential untapped
if you bear this meaningful burden, or in other words, "give a crap".
We the people must stand to be showered in pride
as we bear the most meaningful burden, side by side.

As we paint the future, let’s create a powerful scene.
One that still allows a place for purple mountains’ majesty.
One where children’s futures shine as bright as the sparkle in their eyes,
and our corporations are not allowed to flourish on injustice and lies.

Let’s not strive for dominance but reach upward for unity.
Let’s not forget our foundation is composed of equality!
Together we stand, Divided we fall,
Very well be may be the best rule of all!
If you open your mind you can see with clear eyes,
something within you that cannot be denied.

Something that’s not always easy to bear.
This something is the most meaningful burden.the burden to care!

Aug 28

Oh how I wish my hair was black

Funny Poems Comments Off on Oh how I wish my hair was black

My life is in a whirl
all because of one girl
that i can’t get out of my head.

I toss and turn left to right
I think about her every night
sacraficing the comfort of my bed.

Maybe I would have just one chance
only if I had some stylin’ pants
that were any other color than red.

Sadly, the only time she ever talked to me
was when I asked her out in geometry
and she snarled, Sorry, but you’re a redhead!
That’s when I wished my hair was black.

Aug 27

The Girl

Friendship Poems Comments Off on The Girl

The girl gets up and goes to school

She struggles to make it through the day

There’s so much pressure to be "cool"

It’s about looks, not what you have to say.

Some girls, they laugh, they call her names

Their words, they hurt so bad

They cannot see the damage and pain

The way they’re making her sad

They keep it up, day after day

It gets harder and harder to deal

How will she make it, there is no way

For the holes in her heart to heal

But she puts on a mask so they don’t know

The things that are hidden inside

How can people be so low?

There’s so many nights she’s cried

It won’t stop, the things won’t end

It will stay with her all four years

All she wants is one true friend

And an end to all these tears.

Aug 27

The Everyday Need: Friendship

Friendship Poems Comments Off on The Everyday Need: Friendship

I am friendship.
I live in the heart of outgoing, caring people.

My job is life; I keep all the people of the world going.
My favorite clothes are the arms of two people hugging as a simple hello.

My hobbie is just leaving the feeling that, "someone will always be there."
My vacations and peace place are the heavens;
Visiting the souls of the friends I wish I still had.
I smile as I remember the day my "victims" met.

I desire more memories.
..the ones that are shared with the ones you love,
..the ones that are unforgettable.

I move in spoken words.
Friends share secrets and thoughts in words.
I don’t have a favorite holiday,
for every day is my favorite day!

Aug 27

Quiny and Quincy

Friendship Poems Comments Off on Quiny and Quincy

Quiny and Quincy Is like a friend.
Kindness, thoughtfulness for they can.
Lovable, caring there Is no doubt.

I humbly say nothing compares.
Quiny and Quincy Is like a buddy.
Joyous days brighten to with them.
Share each other’s thoughts.

As convey things are Immeasurable.
Quiny and Quincy Is like a pal
Sometimes we argue but then we get a long In a few.
Helping one other to rise upon hindrances.

Vast eras cannot ease such marvelous memories.
Quiny and Quincy Is like an ally.
To have my sisters life Is a blessing.
For these reasons every single thing Is worthy.
I can love them until the end of time.

Happy Birthday my twin sisters

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