Oct 01

Losing A Piece Of My Soul

Friendship Poems Comments Off on Losing A Piece Of My Soul

I came to you the hour I was in pain
Looking for answers, I cried to you in vain.
I shared the many skeletons hiding in my heart,
I knew then you’d be my friend,
I knew it from the start.

Troubles ran like rivers, flowing through my life,
You picked the pieces up and help me through my strife.
When home wasn’t home to me no more,
You opened up your heart, and opened up the door.

We cried into night until the early morn.
We solaced each other’s pain and shared our many thorns.
As time flew, the air grew thick,
I saw our friendship fading, and my heart grew sick.
The day had arrived,
When it was time to say goodbye.

Now I sit alone,
reminiscing the past I’d blown.

Sep 30


Friendship Poems Comments Off on Friends

Friendship . . .

. . . is you.

. . . is love.

. . . is shared.

. . . is forgiving.

. . . is understanding.

. . . is shared secrets.

. . . heals many hurts.

. . . is not judgmental.

. . . is shared laughter.

. . . is slow and steady.

. . . can be angry at times.

. . . is dependable and true.

. . . is more precious than silver or gold.

. . . is meant to be savored like fine wine.

. . . is not perfect, much like we are not perfect.

. . . does not hold grudges or demand perfection.

. . . makes all the wrong things in life, right somehow.

. . . is meant to be gulped like lemonade on a hot summer day.

. . . is always there, through times of trial, happy times and hard times.

. . . just happens, but once discovered, needs to be tended like a beautiful garden.

. . . is a road to be traveled slowly, remembering the sights and sounds.

. . . is strength when you are too weak to notice its there.

. . . is a cherished moment of mutual understanding.

. . . reaches into your heart and grabs a firm hold.

. . . is a refreshing rain on a hot day.

. . . is sunshine through the clouds.

. . . cannot be forced or induced.

. . . is relaxed and comfortable.

. . . is a shoulder to lean on.

. . . is an ear to whine to.

. . . gets better with age.

. . . is shared tears.

. . . is shared pain.

. . . is shared joy.

. . . is shared.

. . . is love.

. . . is you.

Sep 30

You Are My Best Friend!

Friendship Poems Comments Off on You Are My Best Friend!

Best friends we are ,

Best friends we’ll be,

For always forever,

You and Me!

Longer than a phone call,

Deeper than the sea,

All this belongs to us,

You and Me!

Put it in a bottle,

Never let it free,

keep it in your heart,

You and Me!

I hope you read this poem,

Remember it for me,

Look after it with care,

You and Me!

Sep 30


Friendship Poems Comments Off on UNTRAVELLED ROAD

If I reach across this gulf widening between us and meet resistance;
If I smile, searching for a road to understanding and touch resentment;
If love offered to assuage hurts looming o’er us senses rejection;

Then this self-denying is as an impenetrable wall barring peace, joy,

That bridge, fittingly called,
Life Fulfillment…
For us, an untravelled road!

Sep 30

My Meaning

Friendship Poems Comments Off on My Meaning

She was free spirted yet
a special and beautiful lady,
With God’s plan she helped
this man grow
Surrounded by all that is
good and glorious……

E’er so special with a true
meaning now it is time to say –
I have a Friend who cares
So much beauty living brings
Fields where small children run
Where foam on ocean waves go by
She’s across the miles and comforts
my fears.

Never fails…..I can count on her
To take the hurt, from my breast
For the beauty in-the bright blue sky
The sweeping arc of her aura goes on endlessly.
I need to have an open heart
To let me magnify the splendors
Of a Friends path of life….
And yes put this Song In My Heart

Sep 30

Once in a Lifetime

Friendship Poems Comments Off on Once in a Lifetime

A true friend is someone you can be yourself around, and never have to try and put on an act, they are someone you share your deepest secrets with, laugh together at lifes treasured moments. Sometimes we laugh together for absolutely no reason at all.

This person knows everything about you and still loves you just the same!
You know you are truly blessed to find a friend this special at least once in your lifetime. Treasure all that you’ve been blessed with, a rare kind of friendship comes once in a lifetime.

I thank the Lord daily for the rare gift of your friendship and the blessing bestowed to share such a gift.
My only hope is to someday be the kind of friend you’ve always been to me! A true forever kind of friend!!

Sep 30

If I could…

Friendship Poems Comments Off on If I could…

If I could buy you the world, I would.
If I could change the the moon to a heart for you, I would.
If I could sing you the sweetest of all serenades, I would.
If I could bring you eternal happiness, I would.
If I could show my love for you in any way, I would.

But what I can do…
Say I am sorry.
Tell you that I love you.
Offer you a pleasant tomorrow.
Put a smile on your face.
And hope that in some way you forgive me and take away my pains.
… is be your friend.

Sep 29

The Miracle Of Friendship

Friendship Poems Comments Off on The Miracle Of Friendship

There is a miracle called Friendship
that dwells within the heart
and you don’t know how it happens
or when it even starts.

But the happiness it brings you
always gives a special lift
and you realize that Friendship
is God’s most precious gift.

Sep 29


Friendship Poems Comments Off on Friendship

When you feel sad and betrayed

Who can you count on every single day?

When you feel lost and alone

Who will be there for you in every way?

When you’ve made mistakes and bad decisions

Who can you count on to tell you you’re wrong?

When you feel you can’t go on

Who will be there with a feel-better song?

Look into your heart and you will find

That person you can trust is not far away.

Look deep into yourself, don’t give up,

For if you do, it’s yourself you’ll betray.

When you’re looking for answers

To all your questions and dreams,

There is one person you can count on,

It’s impossible, I know, it seems.

But take a few moments to look deeper inside.

Look into your heart and there you will see.

You’ll be surprised when you find out

That you’ve been looking at ME.

Sep 29


Friendship Poems Comments Off on Always

the love in your heart
the pain in your eyes
to the depths of you soul
to the success that you strive

the tears that you shed
the dreams that you make
the walls that you climb
and the promises you break
the people you love
the people you hate
people you meet
and the friends that you make

hours of waiting
time that’s been lost
seconds are passing
and your heart pays the cost
your soul is beautiful
your mind is great
the places you go
the hearts that you take
when you feel all is lost
when your heart brakes again

and you must reconsider
the feelings within
always know
never forget
the time we shared
our very first kiss
I’ll always love you
no matter what may come
I’ll always love you
for all that you have done

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