Sep 28

Up In The Sky

Friendship Poems Comments Off on Up In The Sky

When you are down

And you want to get high,

Just take a good look

Up in the sky.

What you will see

Are the stars above,

And all you need

Is to proclaim your love.

Who you will find

And see so clear,

Are friends in mind

You want to hold near.

Whenever you need them

Just look up high,

Call their name

And see them fly.

Every friend you meet

Owns a star

And you can see them

No matter how far.

Whenever you are down

And want to get high,

Just take a good look

Up in the sky.

Sep 28

Best Friends Forever???

Friendship Poems Comments Off on Best Friends Forever???

A best friend forever, is that really how it goes?
Best friends forever, the words just seem to flow.
Best friends forever, do they use words like always and never?
Best friends forever, they don’t always stick together.
Best friends forever, they always need to have their say.
Best friends forever, they just leave if they don’t get their way.
So when you want to use words like best friends forever,
Don’t try to be clever by using…forever.
Just remember best friends aren’t always together.

Sep 27


Friendship Poems Comments Off on Forgive

I watched you sit alone, I watched you cry your eyes out,
now tell me what you’ve done.
Is it so bad that I should shut you out and
leave you here alone?
Yes, I saw what you did I was right there
with you.

I wont let you sink- No, I forgive you.
I have watched you grow and I’ve stood in
your shadow But yet I’ve never walked away.
I hung the stars and I hold your heart, so
don’t ever be afraid.
Yes, I know when you breathe and I feel
what you need.
I won’t let you sink No, I forgive you.

Sep 26

Letter from the Heart

Friendship Poems Comments Off on Letter from the Heart

Take my hand and follow me;
Together we can take on the world.
I am your Guardian;
I will teach you everything I know.

I am the Light to your Darkness;
I shall guide you.
I am the answer to your prayers;
You shall no longer suffer.

I am your friend;
I will never betray you.
I am your ally;
I will never forsake you.

I am a woman of truth and virtue;
I hold the answers you seek.
I am a fighter;
I shall protect you from the dangers of the world.

I am pure;
I shall not judge you.
Take care, dear friend; I will never forget you.

Sep 25

My Best Friend

Friendship Poems Comments Off on My Best Friend

The Distance less traveled is a road of shattered dreams
The pain and sorrows left behind are backward flowing streams
You go through life imagining all the things you want
But before you understand them all they’ll do is haunt
I been alive for 20 years I watched them come and go
And here I sit again my friend not having any to hold
So take my word I mean you well embrace your life right now
For right before your weary eyes, you’ll wonder when and how.

I made mistakes throughout my life; I’ve tried to make them right
But each and every time I try I end up here at night
I can’t explain the way things work I just know that they are
Don’t look too much ahead of you; you may just look too far
Love is another option; you’ll have throughout your life
But always keep in mind my friend; it can hurt much like a knife
It can wake you every morning, or put you in your grave
Everyone must take that fall, just stand there and be brave
At some point in your life, you’ll find a special friend

One that disregards your flaws and loves you till the end
Don’t confuse the love you feel it’s different than before
Hold on tight to what it is, letting go will make you poor
A best friend in my eyes is much more than friend
Its understanding, loyalty, dedication to the end
Its long car rides, swings and slides, its ice cream late at night
It’s sharing thoughts, and frozen drinks, it’s that petty little fight
My friend I share these feelings to let you know I care
I’d never turn my back on you, not even on a dare
So understand this one last thing before I say goodbye
I made this poem just for you, my best friend till I die’

Sep 24

Best Friends…

Friendship Poems Comments Off on Best Friends…

This is all a test to mess me up and see how I would react, fact is I’m trying to deny the whys and the goodbyes. I need you to tell me this ain’t true, you and I never should, I mean, why do you leave me here with tears, and fears of you never being here??
You were a kiss blown to me by an angel, sweeter than sugar maple and no plane ride is gonna hide you or me or we. Because no matter what somehow our hearts seem to always connect perfectly, cuz you and I, me and you, we are true. Friends are forever, whenever, and down for whatever, you and I are beyond that, we are what the world doesn’t want us to be, you simply mean everything to me.

We proved everyone wrong, untied the knot from we can’t, planted the seed that has blossomed into this beautiful feeling we call friendship, and now what do we have? Memories, memories that will always dance around in my heart, from the start of the mark, or that day at the park when all we did was laugh and all I wanna do now is cry, crawl up and die, but never ever say bye the way what did you say? And maybes are for babies who are scared and ill prepared but I bet we can always make a single a duet.

Through it all how do I keep my life normal? I’m mortal, just human it’s with you that I laugh and I cry but why the goodbye? And I’ll try to get by with the high I get from you as I thumb through the pages of our book, please don’t take it for my sake its all I have left right now and wow did you hear that meow? Or was it a cow? Corny jokes from 5th grade that always made our day. Oh and remember the pool? When we drooled over fools, that looked really cool bout turned out to be ghouls.

And if I die before you do, I’ll save a place just for you. I’ll give the angels back their wings and risk the lost of everything, I don’t know why you mean so much to me, it’s like without you I can’t breathe, or read, or write, it’s wrong. It’s just not fair, like me grabbing your hair, knowing you’re not even there. if you ever look up into, around, above, and beyond the sky, and see a shining star pass by its just me saying thank you and good night.

Sep 24


Friendship Poems Comments Off on If

If I could catch a rainbow
I would do it just for you
and share with you its beauty
on the days your feeling blue
If I could build a mountain

you could call it your very own
A place to find serenity
A place to be alone
If I could take yours troubles

I would cast them into the sea
But all these things I’m finding
are impossible for me
I can’t build a mountain

or catch a rainbow fair
But let me be what I know best
A bestfriend who’s always there

Sep 23

If Our Hearts Could Talk

Friendship Poems Comments Off on If Our Hearts Could Talk

Life is kind of like the ocean,
You can see how it starts, but not the way it ends.
So lets just take things as they come to us,
And be happy we’re best friends.
Let us learn from each other,
We can help each other grow.

And let us always be there for one another,
At times we are feeling low.
May we always be able to put a smile on each others face,
And a twinkle in our eyes.

And let us never forget all the good times,
Like watching shooting stars fall from the skies.
The laughs just keep on coming,
Nothing can ever take that away.
Cause they start from the inside,
And get deeper everyday.

They make us stronger,
As they bring us closer together.
They always make our days brighter,
No matter the weather.
Just the sound of that laugh,
And the sight of that smile.
Makes every risky minute,
Worth the while.

A moment where nothing else matters,
And a chance to be free.
All the rest fades away,
And its just you and me.
We can just walk together,
To that beautiful place.

Side by side,
With that look upon our face.
The look,
That says it all.
The one that reaches out,
And will never let us fall.
I see the truth in your eyes,
They’re so honest and true.

They tell me everything,
And there is nothing you can do.
You can’t fool me,
Cause its not your story to tell.
Its straight from your heart,
And I know it so well.
Your heart is so honest,
Caring and pure.

The only thing that can never lie to you,
This I know for sure.
You know it always makes you wonder,
Day in and day out.
How two different hearts can understand,
What the other is about.
When your heart skips’ I can feel it,
When its sad, mine is too.

And if it ever feels emtpy and alone,
Always know that I am here for you.
So best friends it is,
Now and forever.
That’s the best feeling there is,
Nothing could be better. No never.
J*than and J*bean

Sep 23


Friendship Poems Comments Off on Shaylie

I remember
the first day of kindergarten
mom would never leave me ‘unless I was ready

I remember
the classroom so dark
eyes staring blankly at me

i remember
the teacher so calm, as the children ran with excitement
she was just too good to be true
I wish my nightmare was over

I remember
that girl in the back corner of the room
blond hair, blue eyes

I remember sitting by her
a tear rolling down my pink, pale cheek as my mom left me
the girl so sweet
we played for hours on that first day of kindergarten
we became friends
best friends

my mom left me in that cold, dark, frightening room
with my best friend
that made every part of going to the first day of kindergarten,
worth it
we will never part

Sep 23


Friendship Poems Comments Off on Friends

Written with a pen, sealed with a kiss,
If you are my friend, please answer me this:
Are we friends, or are we not?
You told me once, but i forgot.
So tell me now, and tell me true,

So i can say I’m here for you
Of all the friends I’ve ever met,
You’re the one I won’t forget
And if I die before you do,

I’ll go to heaven and wait for you,
I’ll give the angels back their wings
and risk the loss of everything
There isn’t a thing I wouldn’t do
To have a friend just like you.

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